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Primitive Reflexes

Primitive Reflexes
When we are born, we have Primary Primitive Reflexes which are automatic movements that are directed from the brain stem, for example, when you place a finger in a baby's palm it will automatically grab hold of your finger, this is one of the reflexes. It is not clearly known why babies have them but it is thought it is for survival. They are generally integrated by the age of 2yrs however sometimes if they are retained then they can inhibit neurological development.

Some of the difficulties that can be associated with a retained primitive reflex are as follows:
• Emotions – anxiety, anger outbursts, stress, 'on high alert', dislike change.
• Coordination – clumsy, walking, 'bum shuffled', left/right coordination, poor posture.
• Hand/eye coordination – messy eater, difficulty with handwriting.
• Sensory – dislike labels in clothing, bright lights and over stimulus, fidgety.

Using Kinesiology muscle testing, we can identify the priority reflex that may be causing the most imbalances in the body, which may be causing the problems you or your child may be having. These can then be balanced in order to ensure the reflexes are integrated in the correct way. The beauty also with Kinesiology is being able to bring in the additional techniques that may assist with integrating the reflexes. These may be needing a structural fix, taking a supplement possibly for the chemical realm, working on emotions or looking into the posture and gait of the body to help assist find the balance within. Please message me to find out more or discuss if required.

You can read here how the DJ Chris Evans" son was helped by having his reflexes balanced.

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