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I found the treatment life changing!
I had a Kinesiology balance with Angela because I was suffering with anxiety related to work issues. I wasn't sure which direction to take at work and was feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. My first session was quite amazing, especially the muscle testing. Angela was very calm and seemed to be able to tune into what I needed, particularly in the questions she asked. I felt like I was pouring out the emotions that had been stuck inside me, and the treatment helped me answer my own questions on which direction I needed to take at work. I found the treatment life changing and it certainly helped to put me on the path I was meant to take. Thank you.
Angela has magical hands....
I have had many different holistic therapies, but I had never had Kinesiology before having a treatment with Angela. Angela was very reassuring and explained things well about what she was doing and what she was finding out throughout our sessions. I always walked away after a session feeling lighter, in less pain and liked something had 'shifted' in me. Angela has magical hands and really does know intuitively, as well as physically, what she is doing. I will now always use Angela for ongoing Kinesiology treatments!
Angela is very professional.
Angela is very professional and knowledgeable in Kinesiology. She was very informative during my session and made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. I would highly recommend Angela to anyone looking into Kinesiology.
I have really felt the benefits.
I have been to Angela a few times now and can honestly say that I have really felt the benefits of each session. Angela's passion for Kinesiology and her determination to help her clients, shine through at every treatment. Her warm and friendly welcome makes you feel relaxed before you even begin. Thanks, Angela I will definitely be back!
The outcome was astounding!
I had seen Kinesiology work previously for a family member but had not had this treatment myself, so I was looking forward to it with a totally open mind to what Kinesiology may bring. After the initial consultation, Angela explained exactly what she was going to do to me and how she was going to do it, in a gentle and caring manner, which instantly reassured me. Angela instinctively knows what to do with her magical hands on my body to help me, and the outcome has been astounding! Having been in constant pain for the last three years, after my initial session, I felt like a weight had been lifted from me and my pain was not so intense. I felt more chilled than I had in a very long time. The following treatments have been truly amazing. I have had an incredible journey with Angela, and I now see this wonderfully talented lady on a regular basis.
Felt cared for and safe throughout....
I originally wanted to try Kinesiology as I knew my body was trying to tell me something and I needed a little help to understand. Originally for fatigue and some other health concerns. She helped to guide me through each session, using her knowledge and skills in connecting with what my bodies energy was telling her. I have had some great results, releases and awarenesses through each session. And felt cared for and safe throughout. Angela has such warmth, passion and knowledge, as a deep desire to really help people to shift from states they may be in and guide the body back to balance and love ❤️
Following a traumatic event......
Following a traumatic event that rocked me to the core, I was looking for a therapy that would help me realign myself. I have read about how our bodies “keep the score” and the effect that trauma, past and present, has on us and that we frequently hold onto negative experiences and was curious to know whether kinesiology would be able to help me. I searched the Kinesiology Association website and that’s where I found Angela. How fortunate was I. Angela has such a positive, bubbly energy and came across as very knowledgeable and experienced from the outset. I left every session with a greater sense of understanding about myself. Kinesiology is a powerful and fascinating therapy and Angela’s enthusiasm, dedication and passion means I would recommend Angela to anyone in a heartbeat.

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